Virtual Office That Can Help Companies Achieve Business Goals

Top 7 Reasons To Use A Virtual Office & 5 Best Tools


  • Achieve Business GoalsThere are many reasons behind implementing the concept of virtual office spaces for businesses. In this informative article, we will showcase the top seven reasons why it is advisable for companies to get a virtual office space especially in the United States.
  1. Getting a virtual office lessens the operational and overhead cost of a certain business. Companies can save as much as 40% with the help of a virtual office.
  2. Increased convenience in doing business because of special service packages and amenities. High-speed internet connections, fax machines and telephone lines that can receive international calls are available from a virtual office space. Entrepreneurs can get these services at affordable rates.
  3. It allows companies to establish a professional image through the availability of corporate mailing address and live receptionists who answer phone calls immediately. Image is an essential part of your business. With a positive corporate image, getting clients becomes relatively easy.
  4. Decreased travel time for employees results from the use of a virtual office. People become more productive as they can increase their work time without restriction. They can start working early and finish the job immediately.
  5. It cuts down pollutant production by 21.5 billion pounds every single year according to the studies conducted by the U.S. federal government. This helps in achieving the world’s campaign against carbon emissions from automobiles and vehicles through decreasing the need for transport services.
  6. Entrepreneurs can gauge existing market opportunities for their business with the use of a virtual office. The cost and the risk associated with it are just some of the barriers cited by employers to the expansion of their startup businesses. Entrepreneurs are afraid that they could not totally recover the capital investment they poured out in the business expansion. With the growth of virtual office space industry in the country however, companies can get the security of achieving success at a very minimal amount of risk and additional investment.
  7. The federal government is encouraging the use of a virtual office. Did you know that our government has its own telework program for its employees? It allows the U.S. Government to save on transportation expenses. The same is true for private companies. Using a virtual office space will lessen tremendously the cost of transportation for the various businesses operating in different types of industries.

5 Best Tools.-

Reasons Why You Should Put Plants In Your Office

The Top 6 Reasons To Buy Plants For Your Office Space

Green Office SpaceThere are some plants in your house that can also be displayed in your decorative office. It adds beauty to your work space generally. However, its purpose does not end there. Aside from serving as a focus helper and adding beauty, there are at least six reasons why you should put plants inside your office. We will discuss the rationale behind one by one and back it up with facts, figures and statistics coming from curated research studies.

  1. Ornamental plants enhance relationships and improve a person’s sense of compassion- According to scientific resources found by the Ellison Chair in International Horticulture of the Texas University, ornamental plants improves relationships at home, at work and in business. People with a high amount of exposure to flowers and plants tend to be more compassionate. As a result, people learn the art of being more considerate and more caring to others.
  2. Plants improve memory and concentration- Plants surrounding your work area increase your memory retention rate up to 20% based on the studies conducted by the University of Michigan. It can also be implied that an ornamental plant is a natural focus helper. According to researchers, plants do stimulate both the five basic senses and the mind of a particular person which in turn significantly improves mental performance and cognition.
  3. Flowers stimulate happiness- According to scientific analysis adopted by the Agriculture & Life Sciences of the Texas A&M University, flowers near your house or in your office space improve people’s mood essentially. They also reduce work-related stress depression and anxiety dramatically.                                                                                             
  4. Plants boost learning- Since an ornamental plant is a natural focus helper, it increases the rate of learning of people. You can do tasks more efficiently in the office if you have a higher learning rate. This concept can also be applied to employees and key executives who are analyzing data for decision-making.
  5. It improves a person’s attention span- Based on a published research study of the Journal of Environmental Psychology, it was inferred that the mere presence of plants in the workspace boosts a person’s attention span
  6. It increases work productivity- Scientists from the Washington University conducted a study of plants and its relation to work productivity. It was concluded that productivity was increased by 12% with the presence of living plants. The study was published in the Journal of Environmental Horticulture.

The Productive Office Decor

Home Office Decoration

4260681109_e71eac2fe0_oWhen we come to productivity in the office, the office environment matters a lot. A well-decorated room can be said to help boost productivity in a way. However, you can’t spend all your profits on decorating your office. Here are some of the ways on how to decorate your home office on a budget.

Take advantage of the sun shining in your office space and make use of this natural light. Just place your desk near the window and then place a few plants to reflect the sun’s rays. You won’t only enjoy a decorated room but also end up with fresh and clean air. You can also use cream paint to coat wood floors so as to make the space bright.

Make maximum use of all that you have in the room. Instead of having pens, pencils and rulers lying and scattered all over the office, make use of used tins that are well arranged. You can design the tins to reflect the office theme color. Perfectly arranged tin will provide a perfect decoration of your home office. You can also add a woven basket for the extra storage you might need.

Always make proper use of any available space. Nothing is unattractive as having an open space in the office. Instead of leaving the space underutilized, you might opt to have an old coffee table and place some potted office plants on it. If you still have more space left, look for a stand and place some reading materials related to your work. They might be some newsletters or journals that are perfectly arranged.

Always look beyond the furniture in your office. Instead of going the traditional way of having the expensive leather seats that are black, be unique in a way. Customize your home office with some inexpensive, creative furnishings. Try to blend some modern with traditional styles to make the office attractive.

Having the wires and cables lying anyhow on the floor gives you an unpleasant look and also shows you as disorganized. Have the wires and cables arranged in a pattern around the office. You might choose to have ribbons of different colors used to tie the wires together. It’s an inexpensive way of making the office look attractive and orderly.

Instead of going to the expensive wall hanging, you might opt to use smart motivational printable. They can be printed in a different color then have them pinned to a clipboard. You end up having a decorated office that also has messages that motivate both the staff and your clients.

How To Transform Any Area Into A Peaceful Office Space

DIY –  Office Space

home-office-54583_640Office spaces are expensive, a lot of furniture to accommodated within a limited space. Interior decorators try to provide cubicles and seating arrangement for every employee. Depending upon the activity and confidentiality concerns, cubicles become essential. Movement all around does disturb as does conversation amongst other colleagues or employees, even if such communication pertains to the job. If the task at hand requires concentration, then such crowded environment is not conducive.

But transforming any area in the office or at home into a peaceful and cheap office space is not difficult. Here are a few tips for such transformation.

1. Sit with the interior decorator and plan the interiors based on activities

Traditionally, receptionists interacted with visitors and then sent them to the concerned company officials. In small offices, locating the desks of employees interacting with outsiders near the entrance is ideal. The next in line of fire are employees receiving information from the front desk, which can reduce movement within the office. If two or more tasks are interlinked then seating them next to each other also helps.

2. Adopt technologies

Using devices such as intercoms and headphones is ideal for other communication within the office. Emails, computers, software programs, and fax machines help to reduce movements without hindering the activity. In fact, these technologies help to improve the speed of work.

3. Use glass or transparent PVC sheets, wherever possible

Such transparent sheets help in making the room seem seamless. This feeling of spaciousness brings with it some peace.

4. Use materials such as carpets, curtains, and roof boards that absorb sounds

Sounds are a source of distraction. But using materials that reduce sounds prevents such distraction.

5. Locate the desks of employees or company officials who need to concentrate more near windows and other natural light sources.

All sounds and movements are absorbed or suppressed with the still imagery outside. If such planning is not possible then, perhaps, using artworks that depict peacefulness, stillness, and solitude help.

6. Periodically, clear unnecessary things that accumulate on desk

A clean desk sends a signal to the brain that everything is clear. This feeling helps to foster peacefulness in mind.

7. Add some plants such as lilies in the cabin or around the desk.

Plants sooth the mind. In fact, any greenery helps to achieve that effect. Artificial plants, however, offer limited benefit.

8. Ventilation

Ventilation is crucial for keeping mind stress free. Irritability increases without proper ventilation. Breathing is an involuntary function because of this employees or entrepreneurs do not realize that oxygen in not enough in the room. But the brain starts malfunctioning and consequently, costly errors can creep in. Contemporary office spaces are centrally air conditioned. Therefore, keeping windows open is not always an option. But, by leaving enough gap between all the surrounding of the employee, it is possible to reduce some of that stress.

9. Lights

Some lights are glaring lights; others have a soothing effect. LED lights that are now becoming popular since they have a soothing effect. However, placing such light in front of the person is not helpful. Conventional rules for the direction of lights in office rooms need to follow and if necessary, additional light also needs to be provided.

10. Water

Drinking water has always helped to calm the mind. Using some fountains or images of water in office rooms also help to create that tranquility.


Many of the activities that have associated with offices are no longer necessary because computers have taken charge. Therefore, large offices are no longer necessary. Some entrepreneurs use a room in their home to run their large businesses because today it is possible to do so. Obviously, room’s interiors need some changes to bring in that office environment. Such entrepreneurs also need to concentrate on their work for avoiding costly errors. Therefore, transforming the room into a peaceful office space using some or all of the listed tips is advisable.

Don’t Leave Out The Essentials | Office Decor

Essentials for a Short-term Office Space!

Small Office EssentialSmall-office space in the DC area is ideal for small businesses that do not require a permanent or dedicated office space. Un-established businesses with little capital might find temporary offices space very convenient especially when the management has not come to a solid conclusion on where the office should be located. Big businesses on the other hand also need a small-office space when starting a branch. High profile location for small offices is usually recommended reason because you need to gather more attention from each and every potential customer. Let’s take for example, an office located in the central business district will have the benefit of more interest from would-be customers than one that is located in remote outskirts and to some extent lacks the “seriousness” of a business. Apart from providing more attention from probable customers, high profile business addresses renders a variety of services necessary to run an office efficiently.

Essential Services that Short-term Office Space requires

  1. Local phone number.- This one is the most crucial, take for instance you want to communicate with fellow business allies or may be a customer is leaving and he/she needs a way to communicate later. In such situations you just need to scribble the number for them or a brochure will do even better.
  2. Phone reception.- A phone reception is principle for efficient communication. A customer calling for specific reasons can easily be routed to a particular office where he/she can be help.
  3. Mail box.- A mail box keeps the business’ mails under lock and key until they are ready to be collected. It’s easier to do this by renting a mail box since it makes the business look professional. Important documents that need filling can easily be forwarded through mail box to the business. However, a mail box might not be of great help for an office with a working phone line.
  4. Guest reception.– The first impression is always important for businesses that are hunting for customers. A guest reception therefore ought to be in place and it must always be sparkling and organized to make the business presentable. Apart from first impression, guests can be put in waiting while being entertained if in case there are so many of them in the line.
  5. Meeting room.- Always seek the services of a meeting room provider for excellent organization and equipment. This is where you create the business relationships and you don’t want to compromise on that. Further, a prearranged meeting room boosts the image of the business.

How to decor like a PRO


Are you ready to decor that null white wall that you have in your living room? Here are some ideas:

  •  Shapes / Sizes:

When it comes to artworks sizes and shapes, make sure you use a couple of largest rectangular pieces to focus the eye, mostly if you have a large wall. room-416050_640

  •  Space:

If you have a small space  doing a collage wall, can be a little overwhelming. So, play with contrast, mostly when you are looking to decor your office space.DSC_3809

  •  Contrast:

Having a contrast is really important to impact you guest eyes. Black and white has always been the great GO TO.2329c86f3c6ae95b6d5810ddb7e66763

  •  Unique:

Think outside the box; BE UNIQUE! Small detail always makes the difference, maybe add some candles or vase. They are great accessories to always have.a2f3ccb685c83316eac5684777372a50

  •  Function:

Having a room that look great its a must have. But, have a room that looks great and have a high efficiency even better, mostly now in day with all the technology that we have around us. They are some products to improve the energy use in your home that are always a need to have.Halloween-Decorating-Ideas-Inspiration

  • Window Blinds:

When comes to window shades, blinds; the width of the slat is the first decision you will need to make. The best window blinds are generally come in one of three standard sizes: 1/2 inch, 1 inch and 2 inch. If you are looking for a contemporary feel, the 1/2 inch will be you must go window blind, as well ask for cordless shades, they are the best when in comes to safety for your children. 5520439491_beb66a0e23_b